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Tiny Hacks for a Big Semester

I want to feel like I'm absolutely on fire this semester. We all know what it feels like to start the semester off strong and then feel the pressure during the middle of the semester with exams. But here are some treats that I sprinkle throughout the semester to recharge and keep my motivation running high. Do you do any of these tiny hacks?

Breaking your routine

Although routine helps build a solid foundation for learning and building good habits such as exercising, getting up early and not staying up too late- breaking your routine is the most compassionate approach to assessing your needs at any given moment. You're in law school, but you're not a robot. Check in with yourself at least every two weeks to assess how you're handling the workload and if you're managing your stress effectively. Everyone deserves a break.

Anticipating human error

Part of anticipating when you need a break is acknowledging that whilst delayed gratification has its benefits, you know yourself better than anyone else. Are you guilty of staying up after midnight, knowing that you have an 8.00 AM lecture the next day? Knowing your areas of weakness and anticipating them in advance help your future self. My favourite tip is to stock up on ready-to-go meals weeks before exam week. You won't always feel like cooking when your brain is fried, and that's aye-okay!

Concentrate on your interests

Another tiny hack is if your motivation is flagging. Switch to a task that excites you or reach out to other students in the unit to keep your engagement high. You might be in the library, tempted to message your best friend or family about an upcoming event. But you could equally message someone about s51 of the Constitution to ask about the prerogative powers? Whilst you can be aware of your weaknesses it's excellent to amplify your strengths by solving any misunderstandings together.

What tiny hacks do you like to incorporate into your semester? We'd love to hear about what keeps you motivated and how we can help you be the best law student.


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