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Top 5 Christmas gifts for law students 2021

I can already imagine the warmth on my skin whilst lounging around in the sun on Bondi beach or in the enclaves of a more secluded beach where there is an abundance of puppies and the sound of the ocean in the background. The days were I was so stressed about studying law are behind me, well they are at least for the next three months. I can't believe that in my first year of study, I felt like I even had to take my law books to the beach, and bleach my eyeballs out with the sun gleaming from my textbooks.

As you can expect, I went to the beach and basically fell asleep. I woke up with a slight burn to my skin as opposed to having The Australian Constitution burned into my memory. Which is a real shame because I grew a fondness for discussing the prerogative powers, but we can discuss that another time. Back to hustle **hair flip**

The need to chronically work, and wanting to do so not only for yourself but to be the best lawyer you can be is admirable, but it doesn't take away from the desire to be pampered, indulge in your self-care alongside overdue rest and relaxation.

Here are Top 10 Christmas gifts for Law students (down under)

Coveted Diary

I can't be the only person who appreciates the irony of reading about the stories of other people everyday. It might sound enchanted but behind the legal jargon in legal cases we're reading about real people and how their lives invariably shaped our legal system. If you know a law student that's working so hard they've forgotten that they're the main protagonist, this is a great gift that will allow them to focus on themselves and commence divorce proceedings with their laptop screen.

Laptop sleeve

We regularly cosy up in the library throughout the year. Our weapon of choice is a combination of well organised notes and fear of retribution if we don't have organised notes. Having a laptop case that protects our computers against weather and can also be personalised. Well, I already feel pretty damn spoiled at the thought! Even better if it also accommodates other accessories like our phone chargers or cards.

Efficient coffee solution

There's coffee culture and then there's the cult following of students who believe coffee is single-handedly getting them through there degree. Maybe it is? I'm not here to put you on trial, not yet anyway (just wait till I graduate). I digress, what's so great about Frank Green cups is that some of them even have Visa pay-wave on the bottom of them so your busy law student can leave the coffee shop just as fast as they briskly walked into it. It's the most satisfying feeling.

Meal subscription

It took me YEARS to appreciate how critical time management is to succeeding at Law school. I'm not going to sit here and say that if you don't Deliveroo you're going to fail. But I would encourage you to analyse how you spend your time and if you really have enough hours in the week to spend meal-prepping.

Membership subscription

Did you know that there's an Australian international surfing association? Some-one buy the overworked lawyer in your life a holiday. Or are you already flexing by working in a glass heigh ceiling sky scraper? Check out if Fitness Passport will allow you to support your loved ones fitness goals.

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