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Top 10 TikToks that Law students need to know

You wouldn't be the only person wondering if we survived a global pandemic only to throw some serious shade at Russia over the past few days. It's understandable how you might be wondering if there's really any point to perfecting your mooting style, or finessing the perfect cover letter to apply for your dream clerkship. Especially when everything has gone a bit t*ts up this week. Ironically, that's always one of the most fascinating things about law, is that is doesn't happen in a vacuum. although, if lately you've found that you're living in a vacuum and studying so hard you don't have time for yourself or the activities you enjoy outside of law (yes, that's a real thing) these tiktoks were made for you.

1. If you've always been a high achiever

It's worth noting that motivation isn't constant. You're not supposed to be motivated all the time. Not only because that's actually impossible, but if this is your debut for being **exposed** then it might be worth thinking about what's really beneficial about being a high achiever. Are you still reaching your goals without burning out? Put yourself first.

2. When studying hits different because you're getting overwhelmed

Need I say more? You deserve rest, relaxation and time to take care of yourself. Your well-being is never second priority to your work. We can meme about it 24.7 but studying law isn't supposed to be an ongoing revolt of suffering at the expense of your mental health.

3. Understanding that rest helps you perform at your best

If I could go back and change anything about the first year of law school it would be learning this lesson much earlier. If you don't give yourself adequate rest, you're getting in your own way. It's much easier to listen to a lecture about the transfer of property when you're not wondering if someone could transfer you to business class so you can fall asleep in Hawaii where you belong.

4. Knowing that you're not alone goes a long way

Sometimes, law school can be accidentally isolating. You arrive with the best intentions to create your dream law squad, or at least get to know one person in the class that you know on a name basis. But before you know it your class is over and everyone has either scattered to get some lunch or go to the library. Hot tip, the best time to make friends is whilst you're all waiting outside for your tutor, or after class. See if there's anyone you can connect with to talk about the assignment or better yet arrange a study group. That way you can always message each other for support or at get feedback on how your newly arranged furniture looks.

5. There are different types of rest

Did you know that there are different types of rest? You'll invariably have nights where you get a full 8 hours of sleep but you still might not feel rested. Be your own secret Santa this year and bring Christmas forward whenever you feel like it, because your senses deserve some peace.

6. We all have a Rocco.

Which subject gives you major side eye?

7. Talk to the experts

There were law students before you and they'll be law students after you. More importantly some of the students before you turned into total badasses and now they can help you with their words of wisdom.

8. Know what to expect in your chosen industry

I used to think I knew exactly which legal industry I wanted to go into. It would either be Family Law or Criminal Law. However, I was totally unprepared for what it would be like to work in both legal fields and these days I've found it beneficial to be more open minded, whilst picking up essential skills I need to excel at work and University.

9. Remember why you started

This could be you, and we know it. 💖

10. This is never not relevant ✨

For those moments where you don't think there's anything remotely incredible about being able to know what an Affidavit is, much less write one this is for you. If there's ever been a moment in law class where you're confused, wondering what the point is or if you feel like giving up know that you're learning a specific set of skills and whether anyone admires you for it or otherwise. You're going your best and that's more than enough.

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