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Top 3 Australian Legal Podcasts of 2022

If Law school is one thing, it's busy. But in between the busy-ness these top 3 Australian podcasts help you keep on top of the legal sphere amidst assessments and eating a bag of shredded cheese at 3.00AM.

Hey, we're not here to judge! You do what you have to in between studying, working full-time and enquiring whether Hermione Granger should have become a sell out. She arguably could have dropped out of Hogwarts and sold time-turners so you could have at least another clone of yourself whilst you try to do everything but also relax at the same time.

Admittedly, everyone listens to podcasts differently. Whether you wake up surrounded in a fortress of legal textbooks that you read the night before, or later in the day whilst you walk around your local neighbourhood, these are the top podcasts that help you keep on top of Australian Law in 2022.

The Law Report

The Law Report is an amazing Podcast series that discusses laws unique to Australia. For example, do you know about squatters rights? It's essentially The Australian equivalent of the 5 second rule, except with property law. (Just kidding) But it implies that if someone who has squatted on the land and tended to it for a considerable about of time. It's essentially theirs! Who knew Australian Law could be so wild!

Doing Law Differently

There’s lots of talk about why we need to change the legal industry, but much less about how to do it. The Doing Law Differently podcast takes a practical look at the behind-the-scenes of progressive law companies who are reinventing legal practice and transforming the profession for the better. Doing Law Differently (DLD) interviews leaders in the profession who are willing to share not just what they’re doing differently, but how they’re doing it.

Just Cases

One of the latest episodes of Just cases addresses a resulting High Court case (two court cases, in fact) made headlines for being a fight over the separation of church and state, and a battle against the religious zeal of the federal government who were perceived as wanting to influence the young minds of Australian high school students. It's my go-to for the hot gossip around some of the biggest Court cases you've never heard of.

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