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Top '5 Things I will never do as a Lawyer' TikTok's

During the first few weeks of law school, there are a few promises that we make ourselves. I promise not to stay up until 3.00 AM whilst writing my lecture notes and also pseudo bingeing a show I've been meaning to watch for weeks. I vow not to procrastinate at the last minute concerning a research assignment given to our cohort at least four weeks ago, and I also pinky promise to not leave writing notes until exam week.

But what are the promises that lawyers make to themselves and genuinely keep?

Here are some of our favourite lawyers discussing the Top 5 Things they would never do as a Lawyer.'

1. Personal Injury Lawyer

John A. DeGasperis handles the gamut of personal injury cases, such as slip and falls, car accidents, motorcycle accidents, tractor-trailer accidents, wrongful death, medical malpractice, product liability, construction accidents, property loss, and insurance claims.

2. Family Lawyer

Fidan Shevket strongly believes in asset protection and protecting what is rightfully yours. As a Sydney lawyer practising exclusively in family law for over 16 years, Fidan is aware of the need for parties to enter a pre-nuptial agreement or Binding Financial Agreement just in case the relationship fails. Fidan is considered an expert on Financial Agreements and is accredited by the law society of NSW as an Accredited Specialist in Family law.

3. Criminal Lawyer

Jahan Kalantar is a Sydney-based solicitor, university lecturer, and entrepreneur who describes himself as a ‘little guy lawyer’. He attributes his human rights leanings to his proud Persian heritage, a dislike of bullies and a genuine belief that one person can make a difference. Leaving a successful career in finance to pursue law, he subsequently established and became a partner at Executive Legal, where he heads up the severe crime and mental health practice.

4. NZ Lawyer

Mihi Sorensen is an outstanding and compassionate indigenous NZ Lawyer. We love her perspective on not taking what you have for granted. She stresses that when working in litigation, you see people at their most vulnerable. If I were ever in trouble, I would love for her to be my Lawyer.

5. Business Law Attorney

Trina is a Trademark Attorney in America and has unique educational content on her life as a lawyer and perspectives on what she would never do as a Business Law Attorney. What legal profession do you work in? If you would like to contact us concerning the 'Top 5 things you would never do as a lawyer' we encourage you to contact us at

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