The Law School Survival Kit

July 17, 2014

Law school, no matter which one you are at, is hard. There is no getting around that. It just is. It requires dedication and a lot of time, and there will be ups and downs. I have therefore compiled a list of things that will make life at law school a little more comfortable. Here is everything you need to get through law school (apart from your brain)…


A tablet – Let’s be honest, the academic benefits are minimal. This is for the many hours of procrastinating that are about to ensue. It allows to you play games discreetly in lectures, watch all your favorite study shows, like SuitsJanet King, RakeJudge Judy and Boston Legal, AND stay up-to-date with news and social media while you’re on the go.


In addition to this, you can download textbooks, AustLII, and a copy of the constitution for easy reference.  So really, it’s win-win.


The Textbook – Yes, unlike some other degrees, it is actually necessary to buy the textbook for law subjects. You need to read it, and probably multiple times to have a chance of passing the subject.


Revision/Pocket Guides – This can be a little expensive on top of the bill for your textbooks that should explain everything. If you are anything like me though, sometimes a more simple explanation is required before you tackle the heavy-duty textbooks, and can save you a lot of copious note taking. These are particularly useful if you are really struggling with a subject.


A Good Suit – There will most likely be a practical component to your degree, and when this time comes, it is important to look like you know what you are doing.


A Comfy pair of Track Pants – For every other occasion.


Stationary Color-Coded by Subject – You’ll need highlighters, folders, notebooks and post-it notes. I realise this may seem a little over the top, but I know that a bunch of you are thinking, “yeah I totally do this” or, “man, I should definitely start doing this.” It’s a thing. And it looks good. And it makes it easy to stay organised.


A Coffee Machine – You could buy your coffee every day, but that requires leaving home with a) enough time to get one and b) before you’ve had one – not always an easy feat.


A Comfy Study Chair – You will be spending a lot of time studying and you don’t want to be doing it in an uncomfortable chair. A decent chair will keep you comfy and encourage good posture. My chair cost me just under a hundred dollars from Officeworks. I put it together myself and I’ve been sitting in it for five years.


A Goal – While the majority of law school experiences are positive ones, sometimes it is hard to stay focused. Keeping goals is a helpful tactic to staying driven and happy. You can do weekly goals, semesterly goals, yearly goals or career goals. Whatever you choose, just give yourself something to work towards. When times get tough, this can be excellent motivation to keep plodding on. This advice might seem like a cliché, but sometimes there is a reason things are clichés.


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