Gift Ideas for Law Students

The holidays are a time of giving. Law students are a particular type of people. Curious, hard to read, picky, laden with strange habits and somewhat arrogant. This makes gift-giving for us particularly difficult. If you don’t have a few thousand dollars to spare to help your law school buddies pay off their law degree, try these other gift ideas.

Wheeled backpack

We used to groan when our parents suggested we use a roller backpack in high school. Little did we know we’d be dying to use one in law school. Laptops, textbooks, stationery...the list goes on. You’ll be wishing for a wheeled backpack when you find yourself lugging your constitutional law textbook ten minutes from home, wondering if you should just get an Uber.

Job Hunting for Dummies

With all the talk about the number of law students and graduates in comparison to the number of jobs available, some say that we’ll never be able to find a job as a lawyer or in a law-related field. The great range of 'for dummies' books can help build up their skills in other areas so they won’t be jobless for life.

Job Hunting for Dummies via

Glitter Bombs

For your foes in law school, why not get them a gift as well? It’s the festive season and there’s nothing we love more than a little glitter. Or a lot. Send your enemy a glitter bomb. There are dedicated websites to shipping glitter bombs to your enemies, guaranteeing that they will be absolutely covered in glitter when they open your wondrous gift.

Post-its and tabs

Get your law friends some glitter post-its or glitter tabs to bring a little bedazzle into their life and make readings fun. I guarantee these will give you and your law school buddies some serious law school cred.

Glitter post-it via Zazzle


Highlighters are an essential for every law student. We often find ourselves highlighting almost every second sentence, meaning we need a new highlighter approximately every chapter. We also regret how much we highlight and agonise over that paragraph we should not have highlighted. Sadly fading highlighters aren't for sale just yet but nevertheless they'll appreciate the extra highlighters.


Notorious for their coffee consumption, law students burn through countless coffee cups per year. Do your friend and the environment a favour by getting them a keepcup instead.


Although boring to the average person, law students spend hundreds of dollars on textbooks each semester. Giving them a textbook as a gift or even some cash monies to buy textbooks will make you a hero in their eyes. Seriously.

Happy gift-giving!

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