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Getting into Summer Holiday Mode

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For some people, summer holidays start the minute the exam supervisor says ‘pens down’ for the final time. For others, it’s not so easy. Having trouble finding your post-exam enthusiasm? Here are some simple ways to get into the summer holiday mood…

Before Exams Finish

If you’re still in the middle of exams, the key here is anticipation. While you can’t really enjoy the benefits of summer holidays yet, you can definitely enjoy the build-up.

Make a list of all the awesome things you want to do after exams

Although you say that once you’re finally, finally on holidays you won’t waste a second of your precious free time, after a few days of freedom it’s likely you’ll get used to it. Lazy days blur together and with no due dates or obligations you quickly lose track of time. It’s two weeks into holidays before you even realise how much of it you’ve wasted watching re-runs of Friends.

So, while you’re still motivated, take a break from study to write a list of all the things you want to do when exams finish: days at the beach, picnics, road trips, summer festivals and heck, you can probably even schedule some episodes of Friends in there too. This wish list is a fantastic motivator to get you through that last exam or two.

Maintain good habits

You already know how important it is to take care of yourself during exam period: good food, exercise and lots of sleep. The last thing you want is to finally finish exams and then be too sick to enjoy your hard-earned holidays, so make sure your healthy study habits continue through the final week of exams.

After Exams

Once you finish exams you can make some changes. While for some people this may mean hightailing it to the beach to turn a toasty brown, you can also kick exam mode by making changes to your environment.

Get rid of your notes/clean your study

Clearing out the clutter from your desk is a huge relief. Recycling old papers and notebooks, selling textbooks and returning things you’ve borrowed can all help you get more excited about holidays, knowing your days are as free from study as your desk is. Out of sight, out of mind!

Get out of town!

Gather together some friends for a road trip, squish in the back of your parents’ car with your siblings or head off on your own for a few days of down time. Escaping your everyday life is the perfect antidote to exams.

If you can’t manage to get away, even jut a day out of your usual routine will help: go to the beach, explore your city, or spend a day in the mountains or the bush – no phones, no distractions, no worries.

Congratulations on surviving exams and happy holidays!

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