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Summer Clerk Diary: Zohra Arbabzada, Champion Legal

Zohra Arbabzada

I decided to apply for a summer clerkship with Champion Legal located in Parramatta, Western Sydney, because I really identified with the firm’s values and approach to law. I was really surprised and grateful to be offered a position, especially after learning that there had been more than one hundred applicants for the role.

I have been working at Champion Legal for approximately four weeks now. During the first couple of days, I was introduced to the firm’s practice management systems, and exposed to extra services provided by the firm such as safe custody and agency work. The skills I have already gained during my short time here has really made me feel equipped to handle future legal tasks and has also made me feel like an integral part of the team.

I am now completing my rotations around the office, and am currently working as a part of the family law practice group. So far during my time in the family law practice group I have drafted a letter of advice to a client, completed two research tasks (one regarding bankruptcy and family law and another regarding child support), amended a will and attended a client conference. I have also had the opportunity to take a tour of the Federal Magistrates Court, the Family Court, the Children’s Court, the District Court and the Local Court. The highlight of the tour for me was getting to watch a witness be cross-examined, and getting to hear former drug addicts tell their stories of recovery in the Drug Court.

The best thing about my clerkship is that I am also given non-legal opportunities. I am currently working on a couple of my own projects, such as coming up with ideas to improve work flow, creating a procedures manual and developing an orientation program for future clerks that is based on my own experience. I have also been given the responsibility of overseeing upcoming local events that are being run by the firm.

Before commencing my clerkship, I was hesitant about pursuing law, as I was forever being told that I would have no work life balance. My clerkship has taught me that a work life balance is certainly possible and has helped remove any doubts I may have had about a career in law. Instead, I am now looking forward to the remaining weeks I get to spend at the firm.

Zohra is a social science and law student at the University of Western Sydney.

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