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A Day in the Life of a Junior Lawyer

Court building pillars

6:30am: Alarm goes off. Hit snooze. Getting up and organised can wait for another half hour.

7:00am: Yell at child to get up, move multiple pets off bed and make way to shower.

7:30am: Still contemplating and solving world’s problems in the shower.

7:40am: Really need to get out of shower and get organised.

8:00am: Dressed.

8:10am: Drop child off at grandparents and hit the road to work while enjoying the tunes and drinking my Up and Go

8:45am: Arrive at work, put kettle on, say hi to boss, check cause list and diary for the day.

9:00am: Drink tea and organise files to take to court for day.

9:30am: Walk the long distance to the court across the road, chat to sheriff officers, chinwag with fellow defence counsel and wait for clients to arrive

9:40am: Some defendants arrive unrepresented. I speak to one about a charge of aggravated assault, another about a charge of driving while disqualified, and another about an Intervention Order application. We discuss whether they should seek further advice from a local lawyer, and I advise of court process that day and advise generally about their matters.

10:00am: Some clients arrive; speak to them briefly if needed and advise what will happen with their matters, eg. remand of matter, set for PTC, etc.

10:30am: First list of the morning finished. Have a quick break, which includes mandatory chinwag with court staff and fellow defence counsel.

11:00am: Get ready for the second list of the day and meet clients to discuss their matters.

11:20am: I’m advised that there are people in police custody seeking a duty solicitor to arrange video link up so I can take instructions for bail applications.

11:30am: Speak to unrepresented defendant in relation to their matters before the court and provide advice on how to proceed and what they need to provide to police prosecution to support their defence.

12:30pm: Present bail applications for 4 x defendants who have been in police custody overnight.

1:00pm: Sigh of relief and head out to local café for strong coffee and nachos as all this work has made for a big appetite.

2:00pm: Head back to court for afternoon cause list. No one requires duty solicitor so head back to office to type up letters for the day.

5:00pm: I have survived Monday and am ready to do it all again tomorrow.

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