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Back to Law School Checklist

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How did this happen? It seems like only yesterday that we were looking forward to the long (too short), hot (rainy), relaxing (work-filled) summer ahead – and plenty of free time and sleep-ins. But instead of being eons away, the start of semester is now right around the corner. There’s only one appropriate word… AARGH!

With the new academic year upon us, here’s a checklist to make sure that you’re ready to hit the books and fulfill all of those lofty start-of-semester promises you’ve made…

  1. Double-check your enrolment. Imagine showing up to an exam at the end of semester and finding out you’re not eligible! If you’ve survived the technologically frustrating process of enrolment, print out your new timetable and commit it to memory.

  2. Buy lots of study snacks (and instant coffee). When crunch time hits in about week six, you’re about as likely to head to the supermarket to buy provisions as you are to have caught up on all your readings by the mid-semester exam.

  3. On that note, if you’re bored this weekend, a bit of procrasti-cooking could be a good call. Make some dinners for future you and put them in the freezer for those desperate academic times – it’ll save you from relying solely on two-minute noodles or getting all your nutrition from the library vending machine.

  4. Write a farewell letter to your family and friends. You’ll probably be substituting human interaction with Contracts and Torts for the next few months.

  5. If you have your list of textbooks for the semester, pre-order them. It’ll save you hours trying to navigate the uni bookshop in the first week of semester. Alternatively, look up the second hand textbook sale days on campus so you can pick up your texts for a song.

  6. Get your study space ready – that means cleaning, folks.

  7. If you need to update your computer, do it now. Whether it’s software updates or moving over to a new laptop, you should definitely do it before your computer crashes and you lose your almost-completed equity essay.

  8. STATIONERY SHOPPING. Need I say more?

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