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Neglecting my Law Degree

Pens in a row

Mid-way through last year I realised that in 2013 I was finally going to be in my penultimate year of law. Yippee, it was time to get serious and steady with my law love. I’d start assignments early, perhaps join in some competitions like mooting or client interviewing, become an active participant in my university’s law student society… and best of all, I was going to start an internship or volunteer to work at a community legal centre.

Fast forward to January and my plan was on track. I had been in contact with some community legal centres and was starting to fill out my applications. I knew roughly what my timetable would be and was so excited to think that the opportunity for practical legal experience was finally within my reach.

Then I was on Twitter during a lunch break and happened across a post from one of my favourite websites advertising internships for communications and journalism students. BINGO! I thought. Media and Communications is the other half of my combined degree, so right then and there I decided to apply. I completed all of nifty little writing tasks they had requested, wrote myself a snappy bio, and the email was sent off just over an hour later.

Hang on a minute! What if I get it? I knew there would be a large number of applicants and perhaps I wouldn’t be the girl for them, but I had to at least consider the possibility. The day applications closed I received that email, the one that says, ‘We love you, come in for an interview!’ I was excited at the prospect, but that niggling feeling kept me wondering what I was going to do.

I was still filling out applications for CLCs when I found out that I was successful. It was an opportunity that was never going to come my way again. Suffice to say, the internship won my heart and the time I had put aside for law.

Although I’m excited about this non-law internship, I still feel a bit like I’m cheating on my law degree. Stepping outside the law has opened up some amazing doors, but has also made me appreciate my law degree even more. I feel invigorated because my life isn’t solely revolving around trusts and the Australian Constitution. In the long run, I think that this experience in a different discipline is going to be one of the best things I’ve done at uni. I’m still completely head over heels in love with law, but it’s no longer my one and only love.

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