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Let The Sun Shine: Avoiding Vitamin D Deficiency

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Those long days spent studying in the library may help your grades, but did you know that being cooped up inside, trapped at your desk could actually be doing you harm? By not getting out in the sunshine, you may be missing out on Vitamin D, which is essential to good bone health.

I was recently diagnosed as being Vitamin D deficient. No big surprise there, considering those long study days that come part and parcel with being a law student.

Vitamin D is produced in your skin when you’re out in the sun, and facilitates calcium absorption for maintaining strong, healthy bones. You also can obtain Vitamin D from food sources as well as from supplements. The best food to eat that aids in the production of Vitamin D is fatty fish, such as salmon. You can also use Cod Liver oil to get your Vitamin D needs.

For adults, a Vitamin D deficiency can lead to a condition called osteomalacia, which means that instead of getting hard, strong bones, people with osteomalacia will have soft bones that are prone to fractures and breaks. (Be aware that too much Vitamin D can also lead to health problems. A Vitamin D overdose can result in heart problems and weight loss.)

Symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency may include bone pain and/or muscle weakness, but you could also show no symptoms at all and be completely unaware that you are Vitamin D deficient. For me, finding out I was Vitamin D deficient was as simple as seeing my doctor and going for a blood test. It’s a good idea to see your GP if you have any concerns.

If you’ve been hitting the books big time, don’t forget to take a break and go for a walk in the sun. You could even get your computer and books and go study out in the sun to help the process along – it’s great for your body and your mind!

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