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Things I Never Want to do Again Once I Finish Law School

Stressed student

Being a law student has its perks, but also a few drawbacks. Fortunately, many of those downsides are fleeting, and we can all look forward to a better life on the other side of graduation. Sure, we’ll miss the sleep-ins, but there are plenty of things we’ll be excited to leave behind.

When I finish law school, I hope to never again…

1. Drink coffee or other caffeinated drinks for the sole purpose of staying awake. You just end up feeling really weird and drinking a lot of really bad-tasting coffee.

2. Do legal accounting without the aid of accounting software. Law students, myself included, generally weren’t maths nerds in high school. Doing trust accounting manually was one of the most awful law school experiences. Ever.

3. Pull an all-nighter for study. You should only deprive yourself of sleep when the alternative is far more interesting than bedtime.

4. Do so much handwriting that my wrist develops a bizarre clicking sound or my hand turns bright red. I think over-use of a laptop these past few years has meant that my body has already evolved away from regular pen use – I’m not sure it can evolve back.

5. Advise X, A or B. Although those hypothetical problem-solving questions were sometimes funny, I’m pretty keen to advise real life clients.

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