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Why I Love the Back to Uni Routine

Bulldog clips

I admit it. I secretly really enjoy this time of year. Yes, summer break is ending and we’re heading back to class, but I’ve been bored since early December anyway.

Sure, we’ll soon be unlocking the wonders of ancient and obscure cases, (Oh, the excitement!) but for me the most exciting part about heading back to uni is uncluttering my cluttered room and getting my study space ready.

Here’s how it usually goes:

Step 1:

Head to Officeworks, Kikki K, Smiggle, Big W, K Mart, or the stationery aisle of the local supermarket and blow a chunk of summer earnings on stationery.

In this wonderland of law nerd wonderlands there’ll be mega multi-packs of highlighters and tabs in dazzling colour combinations. Pick up a now discounted diary, an enviable mountain of dividers and folders – all at cut prices and complete with the promise that this will be a more organised academic year.

Your new year’s resolution was to study harder. This necessitates spending more time at your desk, which in turn necessitates a few creature comforts to make the experience more pleasurable. A quirky new coffee mug, a lolly jar/dispenser and some criminally expensive animal-shaped paper clips (even though you never, ever use paper clips) are all, just this once, entirely justifiable as study-aids, and will almost certainly make their way into your basket. If you’re feeling really cashed-up, you may even find yourself struggling to fit an executive leather desk chair into your boot.

Step 2:

You drive your car full of loot and booty home and then spend the next hour or so gleefully unwrapping every packet. Then, with the precision of a Buckingham Palace butler laying out the cutlery for a state banquet, all the new pens, notepads and folders find their own special home in stationery land (your desk).

With the exception of textbooks, you now have everything you need to succeed this semester.

Step 3:

Now you can spend the next few days relaxing. You’re totally organised for the semester ahead. Nothing can go wrong now!

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