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The Virtual Moot: Coming to a Law School Near You

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When it comes to international competitions for law students, virtual moots might just be the next big thing.

Bond University has announced that it will facilitate an international virtual mooting competition between a number of overseas law schools next year. The move follows a recent moot between students from Bond and the Universite Paris 13 Law School, part of the Sorbonne. The bilingual competition, which considered a sports law issue, was made possible by high-speed Internet and video conferencing facilities.

"The rapid improvement in technology has made this new age mooting exercise possible, providing the capacity to conduct a personal interaction between law student advocates at one end and witnesses at the other", said Bond University Professor Jim Corkery.

According to Corkery, law schools in the United States, Vietnam, Japan and Malaysia had already expressed an interested in participating in the 2015 virtual moot.

Virtual mooting also opens up greater opportunities for students to participate in International moots. “Traditionally, the time and cost involved with international moots, where teams travel to a single overseas location for a face-to-face debate, has been prohibitive and often limited participation. Technology is changing all that,” Corkery said.

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