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Eight Tips for Surviving the New Semester

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Summer holidays are over and semester one is here again. It doesn’t matter if you are an excited first year or a law school veteran, these tips will help get you through the next 12 weeks of study…

1. Buy a diary and actually use it

Unsurprisingly having a diary and never using it won’t help you much. Get your hands on diary and starting using it now! At the start of semester, add the week numbers to the month view and begin adding all of your assessments, extra curricular activities and networking events. This way you’ll actually know how busy you are going to be well ahead of time!

2. Eat properly

Food on a student budget can be hard (and even harder if you have night classes and a day job). Even though that fourth cup of 7 Eleven coffee might be calling your name, opt for something healthier instead. Plan your meals and try to keep some staples in the fridge/freezer, like milk, bread, butter, cereal, fruit and veggies. If all else fails, and you have to order in, order something with vegetables on it!

3. Exercise

Science has proven time and time again that exercise is good for our brains and bodies! So do some! Start training for a long distance run, go to the gym, or just walk the dog. No matter what exercise you do, just make it a part of your weekly routine.

4. Socialise

All work and no play makes for a very bored student! Make sure you take time to catch up with your friends! It will give you a much-needed opportunity to vent, rant and relax.

5. Stay in the loop

Oh however did students procrastinate before the Internet?! To make you feel less guilty about procrastinating, keep an eye on some law related websites like your state/territory law society, your law students’ society, and Survive Law.

6. Get involved

Nothing is better for keeping your passion for the law going than getting involved in law school extra-curricular activities. If you love public speaking, try mooting or witness examination competitions. If writing is your passion, enter an essay competition. There is also your law students’ society, the student union and a range of other clubs and on-campus activities that will welcome you with open arms.

7. Learn to say ‘no’

Law school isn’t easy. Most people tend to understand that it is going to take up a lot of your time, but there will always be someone who doesn’t. Start letting your friends and family down gently at the start of semester, and make it clear that you can’t be at every social event when assessments roll around! You will be less stressed and more productive if you do.

8. Enjoy it

Finally, but most importantly, have fun! Make friends, find what you are interested in, and what you aren’t, and do try to listen to your lectures!

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