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5 Alternatives to that fifth coffee

Coffee beans in a cup

I think most of you would agree with me when I say coffee is the best thing about my morning, every morning. It’s not bad for you but by the time you get to 3 p.m. and you’re on your fifth coffee for the day because law school has kept you awake for two weeks straight, maybe it isn’t the best idea? Just maybe. But I’m going to offer you, free of charge 5 alternatives to that coffee you want so badly but probably shouldn’t drink because you already have the shakes.

1. Dandelion tea

Dandelion tea

Find the recipe here at lovelovething.

Now you probably think I am a total hippy here but I don’t care because this is my chance to totally plug dandelion tea. Made from the roots of Dandelion this tea takes me back to primary school where my friends and I would lay on the field and eat dandelions… Oh you didn’t do that? Well try this tea anyway.

2. Chai lattes

Chai Lattes

Find a healthy vegan chai latte recipe here at Minimalist Baker.

Now I am a massive fan of chai lattes. This is the closest to feeling like you’re drinking a coffee without drinking a coffee (decaf doesn’t count – if you’re going to drink coffee you’re going to do it right). I think it is that chais are full of milk like coffee and I know I will be scolded for this – yes coffee pun – but when I actually think about it, I think they taste better. They are chailicious! No?... Ok lets move on.

3. Turkish Apple

Turkish apple

Find a recipe at The Kitchn.

Turkish apple despite some belief is not a tea. It can be but if you buy true turkish apple all it will be is crushed and refined Turkish apples. Oh and this drink tastes like heaven! It’s just crashed apples and water! Who knew? Don’t tell anyone though but turkish apple is AMAZING with Captain Morgans spiced rum! Tea and alcohol? A mix of my two favourite things.

4. Bubble tea

Bubble Tea

Find a recipes at ohafternoonsnacks.

Bubble tea with pearls may be one of my favourite drinks ever. A plethora of flavours with those gummy little pearls, so delicious! Though if you are not doing milk tea you are not doing it right! Who cares that we don’t know what those little pearls are made? If you do, don’t ruin it for me. Let the sleepless law student drink her bubble tea in peace.

5. Green tea

Iced green tea

Find an iced green tea recipe at PopSugar.

Now I really could not write a blog about alternatives to coffee without mentioning this little gem. Not only is this tea delicious but also it is a little pot of greatness. There’s something about green tea that feels super cleansing to drink. There’s studies that say that green tea is super good for you but it always feels so cleansing that even if it doesn’t… I’ll always have the placebo effect.

So next time you’ve forgotten what the concept of sleep is for two weeks and you’re considering your fifth coffee to get you through the day, maybe you could try one of these other options. Or you could just have that fifth coffee. I wouldn’t really blame you.

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