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Brainfoods you might actually have in your fridge

Junk Food

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Most of us fall into the trap of reaching for lollies, chips and cans of V as study snacks. We know it’s bad but for some reason, this doesn’t stop us. We regret it when we feel slow, sluggish and wake up from a sugar-crash induced nap 3 hours later. But then we do it all over again. There’s a whole world of good food out there - and some that don’t require any prep - that can enhance all the good things your brain can do. So stock up and eat your way to productivity!


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Good news for the hot chocolate/coffee lovers! A recent study found that those who drink hot chocolate tend to make fewer errors resulting from a lack of attention. More interestingly, when they added caffeine into these hot chocolates, the cocoa lessened the usual anxiety-inducing effects of caffeine, enhancing the cognitive-boosting effects of hot chocolates. So pick up a mocha or hot chocolate instead of your usual coffee.


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Nuts have the fats you want, a heap of protein, amino acids, vitamin E AND they’re also an antioxidant. Overachievers, am I right?! Almonds and walnuts are also the superstars in the nut family. With that being said, don’t go eating a whole jar of peanuts in one sitting. Everything in moderation.


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Yes, I know your mum is always nagging you about drinking more water but she does have a point. Water helps to flush out all the toxins, replenish what your body loses and gives you that nice #glow.


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Bananas hold the recommended daily intake of glucose, so by eating one banana you’ve already ticked glucose off. Now that’s a shortcut we can appreciate. “Why do I need glucose?”, I hear you ask. Glucose = energy.


Egg cartoon

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Yes, boiled eggs smell when you eat them in a confined space. But there’s also other ways to eat eggs - and because they have some super magical vitamin called choline in it, they help to enhance memory and reaction time. When you find yourself saying “huh” more than once, you’ll wish you had an egg or two for breakfast.



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Avocados = good fats and deliciousness all in one. They help to increase blood flow around your heart and brain. Then again, if we keep eating smashed avocado for breakfast, we’ll never be able to afford a house.



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Fish = omega-3. It’s something we all know. This beast of a fish helps with memory, concentration and reasoning. So the next time you’re arguing with someone else in your tute, you can at least try and be reasonable.

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