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Wow! Survive Law got shiny!

Bright lights

It’s like a celebrity makeover story. Over the summer we’ve secretly been nipping and tucking our way to a prettier, friendlier and altogether more fantastic Survive Law.

We’ve gone from ugly duckling to beautiful swan. Mary Donaldson to Her Royal Highness. We have PIMPED OUR RIDE.

So welcome to the new Survive Law – it’s just like the old Survive Law, only with more bits to make your law student life easier and more awesome.

Meet our newest features:


Our new News section is full of truly captivating headlines with a special emphasis on bad puns. Political leadership scuffles? Who cares! Which Aussie cities were dubbed the world’s best student cities? How did the University of Adelaide become a fair trade uni? Now that’s our kind of news.


You can’t spend all your free time organising your burgeoning stamp collection – that’s why we’ve added an events section to help you fill up your social calendar with fascinating forums, stupendous speakers and nifty networking opportunities. Plus law revues and other fun things.


Researching clerkships takes a lot of time, that’s why we’ve added a clerkships guide. Every clerkship opportunity we can find – all in the one place. Enjoy.


We all need work to keep us in pointlessly cute stationery and to cover the cost of late night taxis home from the law library. If you want a law student or graduate job, we’ve got that too. Keep an eye on the growing jobs section.

Academic Journal

One of the biggest tragedies of law school (aside from the cost of textbooks) is the fact that the essays we slave over seem to disappear into oblivion once they’re submitted. If you’ve written a mind-blowingly awesome essay, give it new life in Curat Lex – the world’s first fun law journal.

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