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What to pack for ALSA Conference 2012

Overflowing suitcase

ALSA Clayton Utz Conference kicks off in Melbourne next Monday. As students around Australia count down the days, the ALSA team takes a look at what you should be packing for the event.

First, the most important thing to remember about Melbourne is that it truly is four seasons in one day. That means layers. Lots of layers. And an umbrella – trust us, you’ll need it! Now looking forward to the week…

Day 1

Pretty straight forward. A good pair of jeans is a good idea for registration. If you want to fit right in we suggest black and skinny leg. This is Melbourne after all and we are sah hipster.

On Monday afternoon post-registration we head to Government House and then on to Opening Gala. These events are black tie, because let’s be honest, everyone likes to have an Oscars moment. This is the perfect way to justify all those hours of watching “The Real Housewives of New York”.

Day 2

Been watching Suits? Maybe Silk if you are more the ABC type. Tuesday is all about looking smashing and totally professional. In Melbourne everyone wears black. If we want to add some variety to the wardrobe, sometimes we’ll add grey. It’s a strange phenomenon but something we love. Keep an eye out while you are here!

Day 3

Competitors, today is another chance for suits. Probably a good idea to have brought a second shirt, your first one likely got soaked through in the rain yesterday when you forgot to bring the umbrella we told you about.

The evening is all about the cocktail dresses. Up in the MCG, looking down on the field, after two days of hardcore competitions (or day trips for the general delegates), this is a chance to recover from the copious amounts of Red Bull consumed and let your hair down.

Day 4

What’s that? You need to wear your suit again? Sorry about that. We are particularly sorry as we know it’s an early start with the Women in the Law Breakfast. But it will be worth it, especially with Professor Rosalind Croucher, the President of the Australian Law Reform Commission speaking.

Whether you are into the competition semi-finals or sitting in a workshop run by a partner or Supreme Court judge, this day is all about expanding your legal knowledge and networking with your newfound friends. Oh, and we are back at the MCG for a careers fair (did someone say stationery?) just in time for seasonal clerkships.

Then pull out those jeans again, put on some comfy shoes and prepare yourself for the pub-crawl. With a late start tomorrow this is the night to dance the night away.

Day 5

You’ve made it to break day! Go team! And speaking of teams, today is all about sports teams. With a Sports and the Law Speaker Forum to get your competitive juices going, we then head off to the sports day. The evening will continue the theme as the sporting costumes come out in full force for theme night 1.

Day 6

Nearly there. Once you make it through another day of suit wearing it’s all red cups, togas and preppy girls! Find your best college frat party outfit and prepare for what is likely to become the messiest night of conference.

Day 7

Clearly the Conference team has a thing for suits. Have you noticed? But we like them, and so does the Federal Court, which is where the competition Grand Finals will be held. While competitions can be tiring, that is hardly the case when you are watching the very best in Australia and New Zealand battle it out.

To round out the week we get back into those ball gowns and tuxedos and head to Crown Palladium. The home of the Allen Border Medal, Brownlow and Logies, this is your final chance to shine. While your bones may be weary, the adrenaline will be rushing. What better way to end an epic week?

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