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Five Things to do Before you Finish Law School

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Going to law school is a unique and (hopefully) once in a lifetime experience. Although we’re usually focused on getting through it and reaching the other side in one piece, don’t forget to enjoy a few milestones along the way. Here are five things you should do before you graduate from law school…

Take part in a competition Law schools host a range of internal competitions each year to suit anyone from first to final year students. Competitions are a great way to put your legal skills into practice, and it’s awesome to suit up and pretend to be a lawyer!

Get a Distinction or High Distinction in your favourite law subject While an academic transcript littered with Ds and HDs would be amazing, law school distinctions and high distinctions can be pretty elusive. Hopefully during your time at law school you’ll find a subject you absolutely love, and receiving a D or HD for it will mean a lot.

Go to Law Ball You’ve probably heard good and bad things about law ball, but the one commonality between all the things you have heard is that the people telling you the stories have been to at least one law ball. In my opinion, the key ingredient to any good night out is the people you attend with, so get a good group of people together and have a great time.

Meet a High Court Justice Law schools are hosting events all the time, with plenty of honoured guests popping up around campus. If a High Court Justice is coming to give a guest lecture, don’t pass up the chance to meet them. After all, you spend most of your days (and nights and early mornings) reading their judgments, so it would be good to put a name to a face.

Sure, in a few years when you’re appointed as the youngest ever High Court Justice, you’ll get to hang out with High Court Justices all the time, but it’s still pretty awesome to meet one, shake their hand and make a photo of you with His/Her Honour your Facebook profile pic.

Use your legal knowledge Is your landlord unfairly treating you or are the sales assistants at a retail store trying to take you for a ride? It’s an amazing feeling when you can understand the law behind a problem you’re facing and then try to resolve it.

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