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Life After Law School

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Ask a first year student where they expect to be one year after law school and the answer might be “interning at the United Nations” or “working at a top-tier firm.” Ask a fourth year law student the same question and the answer often changes to “catching up on four years of sleep.”

One year out of law school, some of my classmates are…

Wondering how on earth their assigned judge, barrister or senior associate lost the same document three times… this morning.

Travelling on an around the world airline ticket and no return date.

Trying to survive the Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice.

Battling daily deadlines as a journalist.

Reminiscing about ‘the good old days’ at law school while working through the night on an urgent matter due before the judge at 9am the next day.

Moving interstate or overseas to take up or find their dream job.

Skipping a legal career altogether and going back to uni to follow their true passion in winemaking.

Still wondering what to do next.

Life after law school can really take you in some interesting and surprising directions. If you’re a law grad, let us know what you’re doing now!

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