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The Law Student’s Creed

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

Should you choose to be a law student,

May your university experiences be not unreasonable

May you sleep well, eat well and socialise too!

And may you manage to get acceptable grades.

May your highlighters be numerous and overflowing

May you have the funds to purchase, and the strength to carry your textbooks.

May your templates be perfectly crafted and comprehensible

And may your word counts be met, but not exceeded.

May your coffee be potent and plentiful

May your SWOTVACs be long and productive

May you abide by IRAC and survive time limits and hand cramps

And may your hurried handwriting be legible.

May your family and friends not exhaust your legal knowledge

May you exercise your advocacy skills in moot

May you master the AGLC by the time you graduate

And may your clerkship opportunities be not in shortage.

May your prospects of graduation be beyond reasonable doubt

May you be prepared to account for six-minute intervals in your days

May you have the opportunity to argue in the High Court

Or better still, may you one day sit on the bench.

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