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Celebrities v the Law

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

Once again, 2015 was a busy year for celebrities and the law. Here’s a recap of some of the encounters celebrities had with the law in 2015…


Source: Perez Hilton

Chris Brown’s probation was revoked after he failed to gain permission to leave Los Angeles County.

Law 1: Celebrity 0


Source: Tumblr

Vanilla Ice made a plea deal to complete 1000 hours of community service and pay a $1,033 fine, after being charged with stealing $1 million worth goods from his neighbour’s home.

Law 2: Celebrity 0

Lindsay Lohan was ordered to complete an additional 125 hours of community service concerning her 2012 car crash. Lindsay Lohan is now off probation for the first time in seven years.

Law 3: Celebrity 0


Source: Rebloggy

Investigation was made into whether Harper Lee was capable of consenting to the publishing of her book Go Set A Watchman, after it was suggested that the 88 year old may have been manipulated into publishing the novel without her consent. US police ultimately dismissed the investigation.

Law 3: Celebrity 1


Source: Tumblr

Back in April, Nelly was arrested for possession of cannabis and methamphetamine.

Law 4: Celebrity 1

Enrique Iglesius was charged with obstruction and driving with a suspended licence. After being pulled over by police, it was reported that Enrique did a switcheroo and jumped from the driver’s seat into the back of his car, while his passenger hopped into the driver’s seat.

Law 5: Celebrity 1


Source: Tumblr

Johnny Depp allegedly breached Australian quarantine legislation by importing his Yorkshire Terriers, Pistol and Boo into Australia on his private jet without declaring them. Barnaby Joyce also threatened to euthanise Pistol and Boo if Depp failed to remove his furry friends from Australia.

Law 5: Celebrity 1


Source: Youtube

DMX was imprisoned after a warrant was issued for his arrest after failing to pay child support.

Law 6: Celebrity 1

P Diddy was charged with assaulting a man with a kettlebell at his son’s football game. Luckily for him, the charges were subsequently dropped.

Law 6: Celebrity 2


Source: Tumblr

Snoop Dogg was arrested in Sweden on the suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs.

Law: 7 Celebrity: 2

Bernard Tomic was arrested in Miami at his $10,000 per night hotel at 5am due to making too much noise at the drunken party.

Law: 8 Celebrity: 2

AC/DC drummer, Phil Rudd was arrested again in New Zealand after having already been sentenced to home detention after pleading guilty to threatening to kill his security guard.

Law: 9 Celebrity: 2


Source: Tumblr

Courtney Love was sued for defamation by her designer after Love accused her of theft on the Howard Stern Show. The dispute was settled and Love agreed to pay her designer $350,000.

Law: 10 Celebrity: 2


2015 has been a bad year for Chris Brown who was banned from entering Australia. His application for an Australian visa was denied on ‘character grounds.’*Cough* his conviction for assaulting Rihanna *Cough*. He has also been banned from entering Britain and Canada and his Australian tour has since been cancelled.

Law:11 Celebrity: 2


Source: Tumblr

Shia Labouf was arrested for being drunk in public and deciding to take his own advice and just do it, in this case, jay – walking in front of police.

Law: 12 Celebrity: 2

Lamar Odom was found passed out in a Nevada brothel after overdosing with cocaine. He is allegedly under investigation by police for unlawful use of an illicit substance.

Law: 13 Celebrity: 2


Source: Rebloggy

Taylor Swift was sued for breach of copyright by Jesse Brahman for allegedly using his lyrics ‘haters gonna hate, players gonna play’ from his song Haters Gone Hate in her song, Shake It Off. Taylor will now be hoping that her court case goes down in flames.

Law: 14 Celebrity: 2

NCIS’s Michael Weatherly was charged with drink driving after being caught speeding. He was locked up over night and may face prison if convicted.

Law: 15 Celebrity: 2


Source: Tumblr

Charlie Sheen alleged that his ex – fiancé Brett Rossi extorted him of millions of dollars after discovering his diagnosis with HIV. To complicate matters further, Rossi is reportedly suing Sheen for assault, emotional distress and negligence.

Law: 16 Celebrity: 2

Bill Cosby was charged with aggravated indecent assault after allegedly drugged a woman and then sexually assaulted her in 2005. Cosby has been accused of sexually assaulting up to 50 women over decades, but, has been only been charged once.

Law: 16 Celebrity: 3

Oscar Pistorius was found guilty of murdering Reeva Steenkamp after the prosecution appealed his September 2014 manslaughter conviction. Pistorius is awaiting sentencing, and will face a minimum mandatory sentence of 15 years imprisonment.

Law: 17 Celebrity: 3

So the law wins and the words of The Clash apply to celebrities as well every day people ourselves: ‘I fought the law and the law won.’

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