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Working Hardly: More Law Student Confessions

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Everybody loves a good law student confession, probably because it’s nice to know that you’re not the only one that has an altered worldview or the only person who does weird things around exam time. Today’s tales delve into our legal misconceptions, pop culture obsessions and unhealthy love of the AustLII app...

I see potential tortious actions everywhere.

I used to think that the behaviour of people in Judge Judy was the norm in a real court.

I don’t know what a nightclub looks like anymore.

“But for”, “reasonably foreseeable” and “not unreasonable” appear in my day-to-day conversations.

I declined a spot in a mooting competition because I was too lazy.

Nobody starts arguments with me anymore, because they know I’ll win.

I accidentally swapped two cover letters for two of my clerkship applications. Miraculously, I got interviews for both.

I got so excited when “William Gummow” followed me on Twitter.

I wake up tired, but go to bed energised.

I know more about Harvey Specter than I do about the current High Court Chief Justice. Wait, who is the Chief Justice?

I got “Litt up” in my corporations law assignment.

Sometimes I think I should be doing an arts degree.

I idolise Justice Kirby like 15-year-old girls idolise Justin Beiber.

I argue with “if this, then this…” and “it depends…”

I wanted to be a lawyer for the money. But the stress of being a law student has turned me off wanting to be rich.

I cannot read a novel without highlighting at least some of the important parts.

I have the AustLII app on my iPhone.

I just downloaded the AustLII app after reading the above confession.

I watched that scene in The Castle to learn how not to moot.

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