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Christmas Gifts for Law Students

Christmas snowflake decoration

In case you haven’t looked up from your books or left the library in a while, it’s now December, the Christmas decorations are out, and the 25th is only two weeks away. But don’t worry… Survive Law has taken the guesswork out of gifting this Christmas! Whether you’re looking for some pressies for a law student friend, or you want to give your loved ones a hint, look no further…

For the caffeine addict: If money is no object, a coffee machine and a generous supply of coffee beans would go down well, but if you’re on a budget, this student would love a law-themed coffee mug.

For those less dependent on caffeine: a year’s supply of tea.

For the law student who still takes lecture notes the old fashioned way: a Seven Year Pen – chances are it’ll get lost before it runs out!

For the student heading overseas for an international moot: a travel wallet or passport holder.

For the library-dwelling loner: a hermit crab, goldfish, or a pet cactus. Easy to care for, these pets will provide your law student friend with some company for minimal commitment.

For the stress-head: a gym membership, or a boxing or yoga classes. They’ll thank you when they’ve released their law school stresses and re-energised their bodies.

For the pop culture enthusiast: Silk, Suits, Rake or West Wing DVDs. This law student type will appreciate spending the holidays catching up on their favourite law related TV shows.

For the dedicated reader: any of the Michael Kirby books (duh!) or a book of zombie cases. Failing that, something to help keep that giant constitutional law book open during long library sessions would be incredibly useful.

For the technology devotee: a case for their beloved devices would go down a treat. Why not give them something a little quirky and lawyery, like a vintage book-inspired case.

For the work experience seeker: a business suit. Or just shirts. Or just ties. Whatever you give, this law student will appreciate the thought, and will definitely thank you when they land that job!

For the stationery lover: Officeworks, Kikki-K or Typo vouchers would go down a treat with the stationery-addicted law student in your life. This student would also love erasable highlighter pencils, scented highlighters, and transparent post-its.

If this list hasn’t inspired you, there’s no harm in giving money. Most law students are pressed for cash, and a helping hand around Christmas time would no doubt be appreciated.

Merry Christmas from all at Survive Law!

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