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Road Trip Games for Law Students

Fast road

The end of year break often brings on long and painful car trips with younger siblings, corny music and possibly a pet with a sudden flatulence problem (or was that your little brother?). For those of us (un)fortunate enough to be cramped into a space smaller than a shoebox with your entire family and fighting over the air con vents, never fear! There is help at hand!

Relieve some of that road trip boredom with these classic road trip games, with a law twist, of course…

Number Plates

We used to play a game where we’d use the letters on the numberplate of the car in front of us to make a silly sentence. For example, ‘SYA’ could be ‘smelly yellow ants’. The law twist? Try using the letters to make silly sentences about your favourite cases? Who doesn’t love the DGB (‘dodgy ginger beer’) case?!

I Went To Court…

Remember that game when you’d go around talking about things you bought at the shop, trying to remember previous items whilst coming up with a witty and hilarious addition of your own? This would go on until someone could no longer remember the items before them, and would be ridiculed by the entire car.

Why not play with a legal twist? Each person starts by saying ‘I went to court and saw…’ Of course, being the legal genius you are, you will of course be able to use real life scenarios of the crazy cases you studied over the past year. ‘I went to court and saw a man who ran over a policeman’s foot and refused to move, a company who got tricked into thinking a shipwreck was real and snail in a ginger beer bottle…’


This game has the added bonus of wobbly car trip writing. Alternatively, you could go all 21st century and use your phones. In the original, there are several different categories, and a letter is chosen at random. These categories could be things like ‘girl’s name’, ‘car part’ and ‘colour’. If no one else has the same word as you for a category, you get a point. Put a law twist on it by adding some legal categories. Good luck trying to name a judge, a case and a law textbook that begins with x!

I Spy…

EVERYONE knows I Spy. There are a few legal twists on this. Why not play I Spy, but challenge yourself to word the hints in a near-indecipherable manner? ‘Within my visual field, but not so far removed to be insignificant, I witness with my diminutive eye, something of a large manner, beginning with a letter between ‘C’ and ‘F’, but excluding ‘E’.’ If your travelling companions don’t want to strangle you by the end of the trip, there’s something wrong!

20 Questions

Play the original game with a change. Instead of ‘animal, vegetable or mineral’ (that’s WAY too close to a science degree!) why not play with ‘justice, statute or case’? ‘Was your nickname the Great Dissenter?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘KIRBY!’ Maybe leave this one for road trips with your law buddies.

What legal twists can you think of for summer road trip games?

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