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Finding your Legal Match

Red heart

It’s no secret that law students have an ongoing love/hate relationship with the law. Like Jack Sparrow and the sea, our ongoing flirtationship means that we never seem able to break up with the law, regardless of how many times it tries to kill us. However, there are many of us looking for something more: a real person, because, try as you might, you can’t really get a sympathetic hug from the Evidence Act.

If you’re looking for a Romeo or Juliet, here are some questions you should be asking to ensure that he or she understands just what the law means to you…

“Who is your favourite justice?”

If the reply is ‘what?’, ‘huh?’ or ‘um, how about I buy you another drink?’ it’s best to back away slowly. Bonus points if the answer is your favourite Justice too; also mad props for the answer being ‘Kirby’.

“Have you got the AustLII app?”

If his or her response is anything along the lines of ‘what’s AustLII?’ I’d advise using the ‘I need to go over here now’ line (because hey, when doesn’t that work?). However, if he or she pulls out their smart phone and proceeds to show you that he or she was ‘actually just half way through the Crimes Act, come to mention it’, then you’ve got yourself a keeper.

“How many chapters, on average, do you need to read per week?”

If your potential partner says anything along the lines of ‘more than any reasonable person should be expected to do, that’s for sure!’ then you’re onto a winner. If the answer is ‘I don’t read’ now is an appropriate time to pull out the pocket Constitution you always carry around. Just lift it up to eye level, so he or she can clearly see how well read you are, and immerse yourself in the contents until that Groan-meo or Boo-liet disappears.

“Can you just sign this relationship contract, here, here and here?”

Okay, Sheldon, calm down. You may be taking this dating thing just a tad too seriously. However, if you do proceed with this question, and your honey says ‘sure!’ you should probably start planning the wedding. Chances are you’re both as crazy as each other and very well suited.

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