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The Case Against Coffee

Red and white tea cup

As a law student who seldom drinks coffee, I’m quite partial to a cup of tea or three. After a recent ‘spon-tea-neous’ T2 membership purchase one thirsty Thursday, I imagined the ‘ul-tea-mate’ court battle between the corporate giant that is coffee and the little guy, tea. So in defence of tea, here’s my case against coffee, and some reasons why tea should be the beverage of choice for law students…

  1. It’s almost impossible to be incompetent at tea brewing. On the other hand, it’s hard to find a good cup of coffee. With many variables comes many inconsistencies. There’s nothing worse than buying a burnt, bitter coffee.

  2. They say a cup of tea is like a hug. To me, coffee is a slap in the face.

  3. Tea comes in a range of delicious flavours and is one big, happy family, whereas coffee rejects its weaker cousin: “There’s a time and a place for decaf coffee: never and in the trash.”

  4. If you’re on a law student budget, you can re-use tea bags. Try reusing coffee grinds.

  5. If you’re a latte or cappuccino drinker, you’re essentially paying for froth. There’s no froth in tea.

  6. “Tea is drunk to forget the din of the world”, which is probably not a bad thing for a stressed out law student.

Oh, and if you needed further convincing that drinking tea is the way to be, Michael Kirby is a tea drinker. At Survive Law’s recent Make Me A Lawyer event, he revealed a useful rule for would-be barristers: “Do not serve a cup of tea in plain old crockery. It must be bone china. And it must be real tea." By real tea, he was referring to loose leaf – apparently there are no teabags in chambers. And in case you were wondering, he divulged his favourite blend: strong Assam tea. Served in bone china, of course!

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