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Working Hardly: Reasons why you should Date a Law Student

There may be many fish in the sea, but for us law students, my theory is that the fish that we’re best suited to are also law students. Not just any fish is going to understand how to love someone as kooky as a law student, after all. Many of us might actually shudder at this thought, but I can think of a few good reasons why your next hot date should have as much of a Kirby-crush as you do.

Another law student is almost guaranteed to understand your (probably warped) perspective on the work-life balance. Your law student date will totally understand if you have a pressing need to reassert some work ethic and cancel a date in favour of your assignment, because chances are they will also have to turn down an offer to spend time together at some stage.

They're also bound to be sympathetic and supportive around exam. Also, while we're talking about support, your law student love may even be an excellent source of notes, ideas, and general law school advice.

It's not all about what you can offer each other though - relationships aren't (always) a negotiation! It's about enjoyment. You most likely can't stop talking about the law, so why not date someone that will enjoy talking about it with you?

Now, you might be thinking that law students are competitive, stubborn, and too busy studying to focus on anything else. This may be true, but it doesn't have to spell the end of what might otherwise be a blossoming legal romance.

You might end up arguing a lot, and not just about law. But hey, argument to a law student is like exercise to an athlete. It's a good chance to have some healthy banter, and learn more about your law student date's perspective on important issues.

With all that study going on though, surely two law students wouldn't have any time to look after each other, let alone themselves? I say that's probably not true. You can take it in turns to cook for the other, share the readings if you’re doing the same subjects, or encourage each other to pursue fitness, hobbies, or, pretty much anything other than study.

One issue for a lot of law students that may be more divisive is our naturally competitive nature. Competition can be a healthy thing if you both see it in a constructive light; encouraging each other to do better. However, if you can foresee that discussing marks or clerkship application success with your date will be uncomfortable for either of you, maybe dating another law student isn't the right idea. Maybe a relationship with the law itself would be less competitive?

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