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Working Hardly: Procrastination Art

Colourful pencils

Have you ever found yourself doodling on your notebook in a lecture or making origami out of post-it notes and been struck by how artistic and talented you are? You’ve created procrastination art and I’d like to introduce you to some other procrastination artists who use everyday items, many of which you’ll probably have on your desk, to create incredible masterpieces…

Ship painting

John Kenn is an artist who uses study materials in a not so studious way. He specialises in drawing tiny artworks on post it notes.

John Kenn painting

Lego art

If you’re looking for more inspiration for your next art project, former lawyer Nathan Sawaya is famous for making sculptures out of Lego!

Samuel Silva artwork

Last but not least, Portuguese lawyer Samuel Silva uses Bic ballpoint pens to create amazingly beautiful works of art. This picture took 30 hours to complete!

There’s still plenty of procrastination time between now and exams, so if you’re putting off assignments or need a creative escape from your readings, why not get started on your own masterpiece?

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