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Wise Things Once said by Law Lecturers

Students in a lecture

Anyone who’s ever had the pleasure (or is it horror?) of reading through the mess that is my notes will know that I keep a running commentary of whatever is said in class. If there’s anything that all law lecturers have in common, it has to be biting wit and entertainment. Here are a few of the most memorable notes I think I will ever type underneath those lecture slides…

If there’s one thing I know about marriage, it’s that you have to turn up.

This great advice is equally applicable to other relationships. If you don’t reply to text messages or make an effort to catch up with people, no matter how many HDs you have or how high your salary, your relationships probably won’t last. So try and turn up.

Snails are to two year olds like crack cocaine is to teenagers: you just have to keep it away from them, otherwise they stick it in their mouths.

Okay, a bit of context here. We were looking at Donoghue v Stevenson so don’t worry, crack cocaine wasn’t the topic of the lecture discussion. I don’t think this really needs anymore explanation, although I do worry for the health of said lecture’s child following such snail consumption.

You will come to love the lumbering dinosaur of law chasing the ferret of reality.

I think this was accompanied by some limping actions. The further into law school you are, the more you will come to appreciate this saying. Sometimes you just have to laugh at how slow the law has been to develop.

If you’re ever going to give something away that you really don’t want back, charge at least something for it.

This came up in a discussion of consideration, one of the key elements of contract law. Now, whenever giving crappy things away to friends, I always ask for something in return, even if it’s just five cents. Pity, they can’t give it back to me now...

(Disclaimer: actually, this could be a two way street if you give them something really dodgy. I mean there’s equity, torts… okay, don’t think too much about this.)

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