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Working Hardly: Classic Cleaver Greene Quotes

Cleaver Green

Cleaver Greene is easily my favourite TV barrister. He’s dysfunctional, self-destructive, probably hasn’t paid his tax in years, and speaks his mind, often when he shouldn’t. Although his ways are slightly unorthodox, he’s also brilliant, hilarious and has a fantastic way with words. As the new season of Rake starts this weekend (yay!) here are some of my favourite Cleaver Greene quotes…

“I feel like I am stepping outside my comfort zone when I say this. But you have to understand that what you did – even by my relatively low standards – was totally immoral.”

“It is universally accepted that you cannot murder a dead man.”

“What do you mean ‘What use is it’? It's poetry, you knucklehead. It has only one use, and that's pulling chicks.”

“You can't try a life, you've got to live an authentic one. Mine might be anarchic, catastrophic, without rhyme or reason, the butterfly effect, the behemoth. But f*** me, it's real”

“Isn’t it interesting that when people talk about the measures needed to protect freedom, they are usually discussing ways of limiting it.”

“I mean, what’s next, mate? Hamlet in a radiology clinic on the Gold Coast? The Merchant of Indooroopilly?”

"What happened to Wednesday?"

“What I do give a s*** about, believe it or not, is the law. It’s justice I don’t give a toss about.”

“Where is the asparagus from?... Well you’ve given me a postcode for the chook as well as its pre-death eating habits. But there is absolutely nothing in here about the formative years of the asparagus. Could you please ask the chef?”

“The fall from grace is a bloody quick elevator ride.” Enjoyed this post? Sign up for the Survive Law weekly newsletter for more.


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