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You know you’re dating a law student when....

Happy Valentine’s Day, law school lovers! It’s not easy dating when you’re in law school, but what can be even harder at times, is dating a law student. This article is for the long-suffering partners of law nerds. Here are some telltale signs that you are, in fact, dating a law student…

The ‘reasonable person’ pops up in every argument, and you feel that you want to punch this imaginary person for being so damn reasonable.

You begin to develop an appreciation for wine, whereas before you started dating them, you couldn’t stand the stuff.

You become a part time psychiatrist, nursing nervous breakdowns at least once a month, and specialising in pre-exam stress.

Taking a ‘romantic evening stroll’ means helping them carry a heavy set of textbooks from the library back to the car, and then into their house.

You haven’t seen them in days, and you live together!

You know that the word ‘exams’ means ‘you won’t see me in weeks, and if you do, my blood pressure will be through the roof!’

You begin to pronounce the line up of football matches (e.g. Richmond v Collingwood) using ‘and’ instead of ‘versus’.

You can never make a simple statement. Everything must be backed up with evidence, even if it’s just, “you look nice today”.

You now know so much about the High Court judges that they feel like old friends.

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