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Why becoming a Crazy Cat Lady during Law School is Acceptable

grey cat

If law school is turning you into a crazy cat lady, here are nine reasons why it’s okay. The fact that cats also have nine lives is purely coincidental...

1. The number of friends you have is dwindling

You have surrendered all of your free time and any previous social activities to the law school library and endless readings. As such, your friends have stopped inviting you, rarely text and have pretty much given up on your attendance at any social occasion during semester. It’s okay; we’ve all been there, and when your exams are over you’ll be the life of the party… but for now, there are cats.

2. You don’t have time to date anyone

It’s simple. You’re studying, and dedicated to your grades, applying for jobs, and being involved in extra-curricular activities (to ensure that you may be a little more successful in those applications).

3. Picking a cute and compatible cat is easier than picking someone to date

Even if you did have a little bit of time to date someone, the only potential partners you may meet are probably involved in the legal industry or work in the library, and for the most part they’re either already taken, or in a serious relationship with the law and don’t have time for anyone other than Michael Kirby and his words of High Court Wisdom.

4. They don’t mind your law talk

Since you’re currently seeing less of your friends, you now require someone who will listen without complaint as you endlessly babble in legal terms, Latin and incomprehensible sentences. Be warned: cats may still roll their eyes at you and make seemingly uninterested facial expressions.

5. The most non-judgmental friend you will ever encounter

Your cat will not judge you when $5 takeaway pizza night rolls around and you’re too busy to cook. They will also not judge your choice of sugary study snacks or lecture you about having a third Tim Tam.

And if you are feeling guilty about that pizza or thinking the second packet of red frogs wasn’t necessary, your beloved pet will wake you at the break of dawn with incessant meows when demanding his breakfast. Take this as your cue to pull on your joggers and start the day with some exercise. (Just, don’t forget to feed the cat on the way out, or you may be greeted with a claw-shredded essay when you return).

6. General procrastination excuse

Let’s be honest. Despite some of the advantages I’ve previously mentioned, cats can also be demanding of attention, especially when they are kittens. They will kindly eat your study notes and stomp all over your keyboard, deleting important information or making illegible additions to your essay. But unless your assignment is due tomorrow, your cat’s interruptions are usually a pretty welcome and adorable distraction:

kitten attacking laptop

7. Something to post about on social media

Your new found companion, best friend and cuddling buddy is probably cute enough to be Facebooked, Instagrammed or Tweeted about, and you may even find some other crazy cat ladies to discuss this with. (New friends! Yay!)

8. Stress Relief

Go and find your adorable new friend, pick him or her up, and love them as long as they will let you (this may be short lived and result in affectionate scratching). Or just repeatedly pat them (they love this) and studies have shown that this repetitive action can not only soothe your cat, but also your stressed, anxious or over worked mind.

9. You can save a life

If you don’t already own a cat but are now seriously considering one, you can adopt one! There’s a lot of cute critters that need a new home, and are looking for a law student who needs a non-judgmental, procrastination assisting, fluffy and loving friend.

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