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Why Law is Awesome to Study

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It’s that time of semester again. Exam season is usually when you lose all motivation for anything law related, and begin to wonder why you’re even doing this degree. This is when you need a reminder or two about why studying law is so awesome. To see you through this exam season, here are a few reasons why being a law student is actually pretty great

You get to argue with people, and it’s normal and encouraged.

You know what your legal rights are, so nobody will ever be able to fool you or rip you off. And if they do, God help them! Shop owners now cringe when they spot you walking up to the counter with a complaint.

You get to hear all about those interesting and hilarious cases like Louth v Diprose where a lawyer fell so madly in love with a woman that he bought her a house, only to successfully sue to get it back when he realised he was friend zoned.

You gain a greater understanding of how society functions and runs.

It does force you to realise that there are two sides to every dispute, and you begin to see them.

You can watch TV shows like Boston Legal, Rake and Suits, and actually understand all the legal jargon. You then get to sound really smart explaining it to everyone else.

You get to pretend that you will one day become Denny Crane or Harvey Specter.

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