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What type of law student are you?

Students sitting at their desks

Law school is sometimes a bit like the animal kingdom. While we all share the same habitat and live, predominately, in peace with one another, there is no denying that within every law student cohort, there are a few student types that stand out from the pack. So where do you fit in this constant quest to be King of the Jungle?

SPOILER ALERT: Gross generalisations ahead.

The Competitive Law Student

Perhaps the most well known species of law student, this creature likes to hunt alone. Not one to share notes, grades or any shred of legal information they come across, the competitive law student will go to great lengths for a High Distinction. You will often find them in the quiet section of the law library, going about their business like the lone wolf that they are. Should you choose to befriend this prowling alpha of the legal world, they can make good companions – but do not get between them and a class sign on or you’ll find yourself banished.

The Boastful Law Student

The polar opposite of its competitive cousin, the boastful law student is like the peacock of the law school kingdom, and they will leap at the opportunity to tell you about the great mark they got on their Trusts assignment, or that they finished the readings for this week in only 25 minutes (and then proceed to recite it to you just to prove it). This species thrives in group environments, and this actually makes them good assets when completing group assignments. If you’re able to masterfully block out the boastful squawks, this student actually makes a very good friend as they are chatty and more than willing to help others… even if it is just so they can show off the journal article they found.

The Quiet Achiever

This species is the deer of the legal world, going about their business and toiling away out of view of others. They’ll sit quietly in lectures and tutorials and can be confused for their competitive counterparts at first instance, but once you get to know them you’ll realise that they’re actually one of the greatest assets in the pack. The quiet achiever often succeeds well academically but you won’t hear them bragging out it, and they’re often happy to help and share what they know if you are willing to make time for them.

The Ghost

A close relative of the quite achiever, the ghost shares many of the same characteristics, but their chameleon-like ability to blend in means that they will likely go unnoticed until exams, at which point all other members of the law school kingdom will wonder who they are and where they have been all semester.

The Herd

Indistinguishable as individuals, the ‘herd’ is the group of likeminded law students who never leave each other’s side. Group study spaces in the library are their preferred hunting ground, and the herd are fiercely protective of one another, with one member standing guard as others drink (aka get coffee), constantly on alert for predators (aka other students trying to steal their table). The greatest struggle for the herd is finding a group of seats together in the lecture theatre, and if you are friends with the herd on Facebook, it is likely your newsfeed is taken up with photos of them together, accompanied by witty law-inspired captions or check-ins.

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