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The 5 Real Reasons Why You Chose a Law Degree

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A law degree is a whole lot of work and there’s no guarantee you’ll even get paid for it. So why on earth do we put ourselves through it?

Sure, some people study law out of fervent devotion to the dictates of justice and/or they genuinely find it fascinating, and/or they want to implement social change on a vast scale. To those people: you are a much better person than me, so hats off to you. But for the rest of us, let’s just accept some of the real reasons why we’re here. This is a safe space, and I’m not here to judge you.

Because Medicine is ew

dr house

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What do you do if you get a high ATAR but get kind of grossed out by the thought of having to touch people? You still wanted the prestige of a high ATAR course, but seriously, doctors have to get up-close and personal with diseases. Bye Felicia.

Law seemed like the only way to justify those long gruelling year 12 all-nighters. Oh, and you thought it’d be easy: since you smashed Year 12, law school should’ve been a breeze. You were dead wrong, but initially consoled by the belief that you wouldn’t have to look at nauseating warts and rashes--nevermind potentially having to examine crime scene photography and forensics if you go down the path of the bar.

So you can represent yourself in court when push comes to shove

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Admit it. You undertook a law degree so you could flaunt your wit in court... when challenging an Opal fine or parking ticket. I mean, if you lost it'd probably be an awkward indication that you shouldn't quit your day job.

Because movies gave you no choice

elle woods

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Maybe your boyfriend dumped you and then told you that you weren’t smart enough to get into law school. Or maybe Elle Woods is such an amazing role model you just want to emulate her, pink outfits and all. It’d be complete if only you could bring your dog to classes

Or maybe Harvey Spector is more your style, and you dream of a life wearing suits all day and just generally being a lovable pain in the arse to the partners at your law firm. Being enrolled in and of itself is making you more Harvey and less Mike. After all, who wants to be Mike? Just make sure you don’t become Louis, even though we all know that Jessica is true goals.

Because who doesn’t want to marry a lawyer?

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(The answer to that question is probably 'many people'). For some of us, however, surely there's an ounce of truth. Obviously, a man isn’t a financial plan, because #feminism, but let’s be real here; lawyers are hot, whether they’re in a suit or wigs and robes. It’s also a plus if they stand up for little people.

Law students could be looking for their Elle Woods or their Harvey Spector. Law school is 100% the place to be to find that special someone so long as you don’t mind communicating in law memes and having the most intense couple arguments. But hey, just think of them staring down that Judge, and their unparalleled courage makes you all hot under the collar.

Because you want your Grandma to have something nice to tell her friends

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If your grandmother doesn’t tell all her little old friends that her grandchild is studying law, then is she really your grandmother?

We all know that at every gathering grandparents participate in a little competition to see whose grandkids are doing best. By trudging on with your law degree, all you want to do is make them proud! Someone has to be the shining prize and joy of the family, and it definitely won’t be your lazy cousin.

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