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Christmas Gifts for Law Students

Santa peaking out from behind a Christmas tree

December is finally here!

Once you’ve opened the first window on your advent calendar, it soon dawns on you that you still have a lot of Christmas shopping to do. Here are some ideas for the law students in your life…

Morning Mug

Looking for a prezzie for a coffee dependent pal, or your tea-swilling friend? This is a mug after their own heart: the mug only ‘wakes up’ with the aid of a cuppa.

Three Mugs

Big Book Bag

Everyone has that friend at law school that always seems to be lugging around textbooks and newly borrowed reference material from the library. This is the book bag for them:

Book Bag

‘No, I will not represent you’ T-Shirt

When you tell someone that you’re studying law, you’ll sometimes get a comment like, ‘If I (insert crime here) you could represent me!’ If you’re tired of hearing this one, there’s now a t-shirt that can say it for you:

T-shirt with "No, I will not represent you." on it

Legal Advice Dice

Hate problem solving assignments? Not sure what solution to recommend? You need a set of legal advice dice; they’re kind of like a Magic 8 Ball for law students and lawyers.

Legal Advice Dice and bag

Legal Novelties

If you’ve got a law school friend who just likes a laugh, look for a bewigged barrister rubber duck or a talking judge toy that says things like, “order in the court!”, “motion denied” and “bailiff, cuff ‘em!”

Barrister rubber duck

Talking Judge Toy

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