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Working Hardly: Law Student Confessions

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We've been skulking around the library and university corridors to bring you some more law student confessions!

“It took me two weeks to work out that 'lawbrary' was a combination of 'law' and 'library.'”

“I've been wearing the same sweatpants at the lawbrary for two weeks. I have no intention of doing anything about it. No one has noticed yet.”

“I spent more time making a meticulously colour-coded study timetable than I have studying.”

“I haven't talked to a non-law student all semester.”

“I don't understand why law students and engineering students don't get along and at this point I'm too afraid to ask.”

“My tutor thinks I come into class early because I'm prepared but it's really because I left it to the last minute and try to answer the tutorial questions right before class.”

“I'm that student that doesn't show up to class all semester and still manages to pass. I have no idea how.”

“I really liked constitutional law.”

“I spend almost as much time saying how much I have to learn as I spend actually studying.”

“My family doesn't even bother asking me questions about study any more because I get too intense about it and no one else really cares as much as me.”

“I don't study in the law library because I can't bear to be around so many law students all day.”

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