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Celebrities v Law: 2015 edition

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Once again, 2015 was a busy year for celebrities and the law. Here’s a recap of some of the encounters celebrities had with the law in 2015…


Chris Brown

Source: Perez Hilton

Chris Brown’s probation was revoked after he failed to gain permission to leave Los Angeles County.

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Lindsay Lohan from the Parent Trap

Source: Tumblr

Vanilla Ice made a plea deal to complete 1000 hours of community service and pay a $1,033 fine, after being charged with stealing $1 million worth goods from his neighbour’s home.

Law 2: Celebrity 0

Lindsay Lohan was ordered to complete an additional 125 hours of community service concerning her 2012 car crash. Lindsay Lohan is now off probation for the first time in seven years.

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Pov Atticus

Source: Rebloggy

Investigation was made into whether Harper Lee was capable of consenting to the publishing of her book Go Set A Watchman, after it was suggested that the 88 year old may have been manipulated into publishing the novel without her consent. US police ultimately dismissed the investigation.

Law 3: Celebrity 1


Nelly dancing in music video

Source: Tumblr

Back in April, Nelly was arrested for possession of cannabis and methamphetamine.

Law 4: Celebrity 1

Enrique Iglesius was charged with obstruction and driving with a suspended licence. After being pulled over by police, it was reported that Enrique did a switcheroo and jumped from the driver’s seat into the back of his car, while his passenger hopped into the driver’s seat.

Law 5: Celebrity 1


Johnny Depp

Source: Tumblr

Johnny Depp allegedly breached Australian quarantine legislation by importing his Yorkshire Terriers, Pistol and Boo into Australia on his private jet without declaring them. Barnaby Joyce also threatened to euthanise Pistol and Boo if Depp failed to remove his furry friends from Australia.

Law 5: Celebrity 1


P Diddy throwing cash

Source: Youtube

DMX was imprisoned after a warrant was issued for his arrest after failing to pay child support.

Law 6: Celebrity 1

P Diddy was charged with assaulting a man with a kettlebell at his son’s football game. Luckily for him, the charges were subsequently dropped.