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The 4 Types of Law Student Weekends

Professor Minerva McGonagall from Harry Potter

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The weekend is an elusive creature for law students. It's over before it even begins but it starts just in time for your motivation to leave the building and for the new season of Suits to be released on Netflix. These are just four of the ways you might spend your weekend while you're a law student.

1. The Lost Weekend

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Where did that 48 hours go? It disappeared just like the impeccable, colour-coded to-do list you wrote for this very weekend. If you're a real law student it went one of two ways: a) you watched 5 years worth of TV in two days or b) you drank 5 years off your life in two days. Somewhere between dotting the i's on your list and finishing up your last tute for the week, you got a text from your mate that was just too good to pass up. It was probably just for a casual Friday drink, or an innocent TV recommendation, but here we are. It wasn't the productive weekend you were imagining but it does mean that you have 100 new Suits quotes and/or a killer anecdote for Uni on Monday.

2. The Study Weekend

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This is the opposite of the lost weekend. It's the one you're trying to painstakingly remember every moment of. You probably have an exam or assignment deadline coming up, one that you're likely under-prepared for - in part because of the lost weekend. If you're like me, then the study weekend might involve an adventure into the darkest corners of the law library for - you might not have heard of them - books! When you're done sneezing and wiping away the dust from those books and your own textbooks it's likely you'll consider this a job well done and treat yourself to an episode of Silk. You'll soon regret this decision. After all, this was meant to be your study weekend.

3. The Sneaky Long Weekend

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It's always tempting to take Monday off. The temptation often begins with a justification based on the weather: "It's just too beautiful outside to go to uni today" or "How can I be expected to trudge my way down to the station in rain like this?". I've got some bad news: it usually doesn't end with a killer musical number. Your day off will likely be peppered with burst of guilt about missing your classes. My advice would be to just take the day off. Worrying about all the work you've got to do isn't going to get it done. You've decided to take the day off so just embrace it.

4. The Uni Weekend

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This is even less fun than the study weekend. You wish this was a study weekend - then you'd be less than a minute away from your fridge and its cornucopia of distractions. And you'd also be alone, left to check Facebook and watch Netflix without having to look over your shoulder. But you can't. You're at uni. Whether it's for a moot, a weekend workshop or some other uniquely hellish experience, you'd really rather be anywhere but here. The Korean church that books the building out for Bible study every weekend will kindly offer you food. Accept it. They're feeding the needy. That's you, my friend.

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