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Seven Wonders of the Law Student World


Sure, the world has wonders like the Great Pyramid of Giza, but the law student realm has its own. Although they’re no Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the law student world would not be the same without these genius inventions.

1. The Last Minute

What a law student can achieve at the last minute is nothing short of amazing. Write a 4,000 word essay in 36 hours, fully referenced? No problem!

2. Colourful Post-its and Highlighters

There’s nothing quite like sticking a few pieces of paper in a textbook or running a fluro yellow line over some words to make you look and feel prepared. If I’m feeling a bit down, a quick wander around Officeworks lifts my mood every time.

3. Online Databases

Online access to journal articles, cases and legislation means that when you get kicked out of the library at closing time, you can continue the academic party at home. It also means you can easily settle legal debates at the pub using the handy AustLII iPhone app.

4. Textbooks

These mega-books make the list for a few reasons. It’s incredible that anyone is capable of writing something so long, and even more incredible that thousands of law students not only read them, but carry them around too.

5. Caffeine

No one loves their caffeine quite like law students. And with good reason: no other form of intervention could surely keep us awake and attentive through the drier topics you encounter in your journey through the Priestley 11.

6. Long Judgments

If every law student in the world printed out every judgment they needed for their course, there would surely be no rainforests left on the planet. But that’s not the only amazing thing about these lengthy legal reasonings. The level of law student confusion that reading a long judgment can generate is astounding. Take a 200+ page judgment and you’ll be rethinking your choice of degree within an hour.

7. Facebook

This social network is surely the root of all law student problems (at least I know it is for me). The amount of study time I’ve lost by ‘quickly checking Facebook’ is phenomenal. Someone’s shared an interesting article, your cousin has posted a video of funny cats on your wall, and then you Facebook stalk people you went to high school with. Before you know it, it’s 10:30 at night and you still haven’t started writing that essay. It’s the world’s biggest time sink.

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