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Legal Limericks

Three leaf clovers

Top of the morning to you, Survivors!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! While most people are celebrating with a pint of Guinness or by talking in atrocious fake Irish accents, we’re getting into the St. Pat’s Day spirit by attempting a limerick or two…

There once was a judge in court,

Who had a peculiar thought,

On a case of ginger beer

And a snail he did hear,

That changed the laws of tort.

There once was a man from the Torres Strait,

Who thought traditional land rights would be great.

He took the Government to court,

Who cried Terra Nullius in retort,

But native title still won the debate.

Caught the flu did Carlile,

Carbolic advertised a cure, meanwhile,

It was supposed to make her healthy,

Instead it made her wealthy.

Now all that advertising stuff,

Is no longer strictly puff.

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