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QUIZ: Should you be studying right now?

Confused student

Fellow law students, I know. I know! The thought of someone questioning your time management and commitment sends you into a frenzy of seat shifting squeamishness. I mean, you took 5 mins out of burying your nose in that textbook to leisurely read some law-related fluff and give your brain a rest.

Well, lucky you, I’m going to provide you with just that. A small quiz to determine whether you should keep procrastinating or get back to the academic grind.

So, should you be studying right now?

Is it the holidays?

Yes: I’m never an advocate of studying on holidays. I once tried to and did one month of prep then it turned out the textbook I was using was redundant. Fantastic.

No: Go study.

Not sure: Consult a physician

Do you have an assessment due within the next week?

Yes: Go study.

No: Check your calendar, you’re in law school. You have SOMETHING due every week. Still no? Well, you’re not only lying to this test but to yourself as well. Shame. *tsk tsk

Not sure: Consult your unit guides.

Is there something AMAZING on TV right now?

Yes: Go study. Do NOT fall into the trap of ‘only watching 5 minutes of it and then getting back to my readings’. One time I did this and ended up watching a 3 hour infomercial on the wonders of the WetVac.

No: Go Study.

Not sure: Don’t even risk turning the TV on.

Are you hungry?

Yes: Are you sure? Or are you just bored? If you’re bored, do a push-up and put down those Snickers-flavored Pods.

No: Go study.

Not sure: Decide NOW. Don’t sit around thinking about whether you’re truly hungry or not, then Google recipes and in 1.45 hours realize you’ve been watching YouTube videos on how to make the perfect guacamole. Get back to study.

Are you lonely?

Yes: Step away from the books. Get away from your highlighters and jump in a car/tram/train/bus – just get the HELL out of your house. If you ever feel as though studying is isolating you from the outside world (and doesn’t help you feel included in society) then stop studying for the day. Pushing yourself through these lonely difficult patches is a key reason why students burn out.

No: Go study.

Not sure: Venture outside your room and bump into a family member.

What are you still doing here? Shouldn’t you be studying right now?

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