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Working Hardly: Fitness, Law Student Style

1950's fitness

It can be difficult to make time for exercise when you've got four assignments due in the next five days and can't remember the last time you voluntarily left the law library. Looking for innovative ways to maintain your fitness during those long hours of study? Try one of these…

Use your constitutional law textbook for some impromptu weights training. Balance things out with all your other textbooks for the semester on the other hand.

When reading cases, do 20 pushups whenever "statute", "jurisdiction" or "precedent" is mentioned and 10 pushups whenever Kirby J disagrees with the majority judgment.

Do bicep curls with one bottle of "student shiraz" in each hand.

Catch the later bus so that a flat-out sprint with occasional hurdles (postboxes, benches, slow pedestrians) is required to get to your compulsory lecture on time.

Run up and down all five flights of stairs at law school while reciting the Directors' Duties at both common law and under the Corporations Act.

Use the tie or pantyhose worn during your last Clerkship as a resistance band for Pilates.

During LSS election time, create a timed obstacle course through the student lounge, with bonus points given for the creative avoidance of Country Road duffle bags, laptop cables and budding student politicians.

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