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Working Hardly: You know you're a law student when...

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When you started law school you thought you could avoid picking up those strange law student habits. Now you embrace them. You know you’re a law student when…

You can write a 12,000-word essay about something and still feel like you’ve only scratched the surface.

When most of your uni friends did debating, or Latin (or both) in high school, and the closest anyone came to doing science was biology.

Mooting is your favourite team sport.

You watch those ‘year in review’ montages on TV every December so you can catch up on all the headlines you missed during the year.

You sit at your desk trying to work out when all your problems began. Was it when you enrolled in law school? Or was it when Gutenberg invented the printing press, thus setting off a chain reaction that allowed your 700-page constitutional law textbook to come into existence? And then you ponder the chain of causation for a while.

You worry the only bar you’ll ever be called to is the one that does 2 for 1 drinks between 5-6pm every evening.

You’re pretty sure that Blackacre actually owns you.

You procrastinate by drafting your own will.

Being a control freak and a perfectionist aren’t considered character flaws.

Your real-life legal role models are almost saintly, and all your favourite fictional lawyers are hugely unethical.

A new set of colourful post-its can transform your day from hell to the best day ever.

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