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Better than Sliced Bread? The Best Inventions for Law Students

Sliced bread

Many wonderful people over the years have enriched the lives of law students. We should take the time to consider and thank them for their valuable contribution... and ponder the awesome hypothetical inventions that will help the law students of tomorrow.

The Classics

These classic inventions are as integral to being a law student as late nights and long cases...

Instant Coffee

In 1901 Satori Kato, a brilliant Japanese scientist, is heralded as the inventor of instant coffee. Without him, how would 3,000 word papers be written at all, let alone in 30 hours? Kato San, we salute you.


In 1962, another inspired scientist from Japan called Yukio Horie invented a fibre tipped pen that was filled with brightly coloured ink. I cannot imagine how painful it must’ve been to trawl through verbose judgments or Blackstone’s commentaries prior to 1962. Let us take a moment to reflect on the efforts of our predecessors and give thanks.

The Laptop

In 1981, a guy who’d watched Taxi Driver just a couple too many times attempted to assassinate President Ronald Regan, Prince Charles married Lady Diana Spencer in a lavish wedding that surely heralded a wonderful marriage ahead, the first Donkey Kong game was released and Adam Osborne invented the first laptop computer. Thank you Adam.

The Internet

Sit back for a minute, and imagine your life without the Internet. How would you study? How would you shop? How would you pay your bills? And for the love of law, how would you stay in contact with your friends during the pre exam cram?

Well, this one has been debated at length and some pretty spurious claims have been made (Al Gore, I’m looking at you), but on Christmas Day in 1990, the first HTTP transfer took place. The man credited with making it happen is Sir Timothy John “Tim” Berners-Lee. Sir Tim, we love you and would like to buy you a drink.

The Odd

Completely crazy, but they might just work.

The Textbook Pillow

Textbook pillow

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. It’s real.

Starbucks Hat

Starbucks coffee hat

Yes, it’s not as good as any half decent coffee on Lygon Street, but oh well, its caffeinated and really that’s all that matters some days.

The Future

Highlighters and coffee hats are good, but what comes next?

Hermione’s Time Turner

Harry Potter and Hermione Granger

How great would it be if you could have 8-9 hours sleep, get up and wind back that 8-9 hours so you can study done as well during all that downtime?

Now if only some plucky young kids hadn’t destroyed the Ministry’s stash of time turners during a fight with a few Death Eaters… I still miss you Sirius!

Ring Bound Textbooks

One night during a pique of frustration I made a wish to all the law fairies that publishing houses would make textbooks ring bound. I am tired of having to put a stapler on one page to hold it open so that I can read it and make notes at the same time. It’s so obvious; I can’t believe they haven’t done it yet.

Intravenous Caffeine

You know you want it…

Self-Refilling Coffee Cups

Possibly a dangerous invention, but very convenient.

Never-Ending Highlighters

Imagine one set of highlighters to get you through an entire law degree!

Ctrl+F for the Eyes

How fantastic would this be in the form of contact lenses?

Admin Law hypnosis recordings

No need to feel guilty falling asleep during Admin Law readings anymore.

So, ladies and gentlemen, are your creative juices flowing? What will be the next can’t-live-without invention for future students?

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