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Law School Problems

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The guy in the library complaining about how bad the wi-fi signal is. The girl behind him complaining about how she can’t get any work done because it’s so loud. Those people who moan about waking up early to go to the clerkships they wanted so badly. How you got a new laptop for Christmas, but it isn’t a Mac. Law students sure do have it tough.

Like #firstworldproblems, here are some law school problems that we may never get over...

I live on campus, so I don’t have an excuse to skip class.

I wore a suit to a lecture but no one asked me where my interview was.

I don’t have classes on Mondays; public holiday Mondays are useless to me.

I got a law job, now I have to wake up early every day.

I only have 15 minutes of laptop battery left. Now I’ll have to pay attention to the lecturer.

It’s too hard to make it to all of my 15 hours of class this week.

My parents stopped paying for my textbooks; now I can’t do my readings.

I want a new Mac, but my old laptop still works fine.

Sitting at the back of class to avoid lecturer’s gaze; can’t get Internet connection.

The gap between my classes is too short for me to go home but too long to hang around uni.

The lecturer knows my name and always asks me questions in class.

I got Facebook hacked and now I have Timeline.

Kirby didn’t dissent.

The tutor sat next to me during a class presentation; now I have to pay attention.

I graduated mid-semester and I had to write ‘unemployed’ instead of ‘student’ on forms before I started my well-paying graduate position.

My clerkship is unpaid.

Kirby retired; now I don’t know the names of any of the High Court Justices.

The lecturer cancelled the lecture last night; I didn’t know and showed up anyway.

I highlighted over yellow with blue and it went brown, not green.

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